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Sun Mar 30 00:52:52 2008 UTC (13 years, 1 month ago) by plugwash
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* attempt to fix too many onsessionavailible events issue
* clean up some licensing issues

2 { Copyright (C) 2005 Bas Steendijk and Peter Green
3 For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in zlib_license.txt
4 which is included in the package
5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- }
7 {this enables the entire ipv6 functionality - resolving, connecting, etc
8 this is enabled by default to make all apps using lcore automatically ipv6 aware.
9 to disable, undefine it here, or define "noipv6" in the app}
11 {$ifndef noipv6}
12 {$define ipv6}
13 {$endif}
15 {there are 2 ways to use DNS in lcore: dnscore, which an entire built in DNS client, and getaddrinfo.
16 dnscore is always included on *nix to avoid libc dependency problems, but getaddrinfo is used on windows.
17 when getaddrinfo is used, there is no reason to include dnscore, and it increases the exe size,
18 unless you want to use custom nameserver addresses. enable this setting to always include it.}
20 {-$define syncdnscore}

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