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Sun Apr 13 19:38:04 2008 UTC (11 years, 3 months ago) by plugwash
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initial import

2 TFORM10TPF0TForm1Form1LeftDTopWidthHeightCaptionForm1 Font.CharsetDEFAULT_CHARSET
3 Font.Color clWindowText Font.Height Font.Name MS Sans Serif
4 Font.Style OnCreate
5 FormCreate PixelsPerInch`
6 TextHeight TShapeShape1LeftTop(Width Height OnMouseDownShape1MouseDownTImageImage1Left@TopWidthiHeighti
7 TColorGrid
8 ColorGrid1Left@Top WidthdHeightdTabOrderTButtonButton1LeftPTopWidthKHeightCaptionButton1TabOrderOnClick Button1Click


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