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Fri Dec 26 19:17:00 2008 UTC (12 years, 11 months ago) by beware
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* fixed NT services not working. app must now call lcoreinit() at some point before using sockets etc
* made dnssync and dnsasync secure with source port randomization and reply packet source IP/port verification
* created lcorerandom, a secure general purpose random number source, replacement of bircrandom
* added fastmd5.pas into the repository. it wasn't in it, but seemed to belong in it and lcorernd depends on it.
* added the ability to do "custom" (txt, mx, ns, ptr, etc) lookups in dnscore and dnsasync
* lsocket.receivefrom now converts a v6 mapped v4 IP to a real v4 IP for simplicity in the app
* removed "ipv6preferred" from dnswin, which was doing nothing

1 * fixup dnsasync to perform retries and use multiple dns servers

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